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We Value Excellence in Worship -

We expect the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be proclaimed through excellence in music ministry, quality of liturgy, preaching and celebration of the sacraments.

The Moravian church is liturgical. This means we celebrate the church seasons; use the common lectionary (assigned weekly Bible passages used by most mainline Protestant churches), and use liturgy which is a structured prayer that follows a theme and is comprised of appropriate scriptures and hymns. We value liturgy because it helps us keep the focus of our worship on God, allows everyone to participate in worship, and helps us feel a sense of unity with those who have gone before us and with the greater Church. Read More
Like most Protestant Churches the Moravian Church practices the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. Read More
Videographers & Sound Technicians - Will Train

When:    Sunday morning-Worship Recording (Volunteers)

                Weddings, as requested (Paid)

Whom:   High School Age or Older

The Video group is made up of individuals who record our weekly worship services for broadcast on the local cable television channel.  The group is always looking for those who are willing to be trained to be videographers and sound technicians for this very important ministry.

The group also record special services and weddings.