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Adult Choir

When:      October through May - Rehearsals on Sundays

Time:        9:15 - 10:00 a.m.

Whom:     High School Age and Older

The choir provides special music for weekly and holiday worship services.  It is not necessary to read music to be an active part of this group.

Jaeckel Organ

                                                   Sturgeon Bay Moravian Church

                                                      Jaeckel Pipe Organ

                                                                Jaeckel Organ

                                                        Installed in January 1992




                                     Manual I                                                                 Manual II



                                    Principal 8                                                             Gamba 8

                                    Rohrflöte 8                                                             Gedackt 8

                                    Octave 4                                                                 Principal 4

                                    Hohlflöte 4                                                             Waldflöte 4

                                    Octave 2                                                                 Blockflöte 2

                                    Mixtur IV                                                               Cornet I-II

                                    Trompete 8                                                            Quint 1 1/3

                                    Chimes                                                                   Oboe 8

                                     II-I                                                                         Tremulant





                                                                      Subbass 16                                        

                                                                      Principal 8

                                                                     Choralbass 4

                                                                      Posaune 16




Total Pipes: 1165

Total Ranks: 23

Key Compass: 56 keys

Pedal Compass: 30 pedals

Mechanical Action


    Pictures:   " The Inside of the Organ" click on the following Picture Titles


   Manual Trackers      Great PipeWork       Manual & Stop Jambs      PedalPipeWork       Pedal Posaune & Swell Box


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