The Moravian Church offers opportunities for faith education and fellowship every Wednesday afternoon/evening from September through May.  Our programs are available for children entering first grade through High School seniors.     Friends are always welcomed and encouraged for all our programs.

R.A.M.s (Really Awesome Moravian Students)  Grades: 1-5  4:30-5:30 pm

     R.A.M.s is an hour of activities and fun for our youngest students.  This time also includes a meal.

DISCIPLESHIP  Grade: 6  5:30-6:45 pm

     Discipleship is a structured program to prepare young people for membership in the Moravian Church.  Each Wednesday includes music, class time, dinner, and fun.

NAZARITES  Grades: 7-8  7:00-8:00 pm

     This program is for older middle school students.  It includes a music component, Bible study, and the usual            hour of fun and a meal.

SENIOR HIGH FELLOWSHIP  Grades: 9-12  7:30-9:00 pm

     This time begins with a meal at 7:30 and is unstructured time for students to do homework or share in             fellowship. *See "The Comenius Room" described below.


     Is an eight station computer lab that is used on Sunday mornings as one of the stations for Rotation               Workshop.  The room is open on Wednesday evenings for High School students to gather to work on their          homework.  Since Wednesday evening is church night, they frequently receive more homework than usual.               Often they invite friends to work on group projects at the same time.  Since High School students are                 sometimes required to make "Power Point" presentations we have a program available for that as well.