How Do Moravians Worship?

The Moravian church is liturgical.  This means we celebrate the church seasons; use the common lectionary (assigned weekly Bible passages used by most mainline Protestant churches), and use liturgy which is a structured prayer that follows a theme and is comprised of appropriate scriptures and hymns.  We value liturgy because it helps us keep the focus of our worship on God, allows everyone to participate in worship, and helps us feel a sense of unity with those who have gone before us and with the greater Church.

Music is the heart and soul of Moravian worship.  The congregation is known for its singing and we are blessed with outstanding musicians and choirs.  We love to sing!

We highly value worship as a gathering of all age groups.  Though we have a well staffed nursery we encourage children to be active participants in worship.

You will find our worship in the Moravian church uplifting and dynamic as we seek to come into the presence of God each time we gather together.

Last Published: April 19, 2011 12:22 PM