Memorial (Funeral) Planning

No on likes to think about end of life issues, but it is a reality of life.  We, at the Moravian Church, want the service for you or your loved one to be a true celebration of life.  We strive to make the memorial service a time to praise God for this life and also a time to reflect on the personal faith journey of the individual.  We have attached a link to a planner that will help the pastor make the memorial service a more personal testimony.  Complete the form and provide copies for your family, put a copy in a safe place and give a copy to the church to file away for you.  For a more complete list of memorial planning information stop in or contact the church office for a copy of the Memorial Planner Booklet.

The following forms are set up for back to back printing to make your reference booklets.

Memorial Planning Guide

Memorial Planner - Decisions



Last Published: May 10, 2017 9:45 AM